Want to Blink Button or Text at WordPress in 2021

While working on the project of my digital Agency, I often get trapped in a problem. As many of our clients ask to make a part of their WordPress website blink but there are almost no valid methods available to make WordPress webpage blink.


When I talked with many other webmasters, I often got amazed as they also found this issue in their journey of web mastership.


So, in this article, we are going to talk about the ways to blink a text or button in the WordPress CMS.

There is almost two way to Blink text in the WordPress. These two are listed below in a very detailed manner:



We can blink the WordPress website through a WordPress plugin and currently, there is only one plugin is available for this purpose. The Plugin which can help you regarding this is listed below:

Neon text:

neon plugin blinking

The neon text is a WordPress plugin that allows webmasters to create an easy shortcode to customize your pages and posts with a neon text effect. The shortcode generator helps you through the options for the shortcode.

How to install Neon Text:

To install the neon text WordPress plugin, you must have to install it in the way listed below:

Neon how to install
  1. Install and the activate the Neon Text plugin in dashboard of your WordPress based website.
  2. Access to the Neon Text plugin in the menubar,
  3. Now You have configure the NEON text plugin to blink text
  4. Click the Generate Shortcode button and then copy the shortcode.
  5. Paste the shortcode into your desired article.
How to Configure the Neon Text WordPress Plugin:
  • color: text color
  • reblinkprobability: probability of reblink
  • blinkmin/blinkmax/loopmin/loopmax: used to config the blink animation
  • glow: CSS text-shadow property
  • blink: the amount of binking characters
  • off: the amount of off characters

Done, you have started to show text in the blinking modes.


Blink text or button through Codes:

You must have to use the following codes to make your WordPress website blink.

what to Blink

For example:


I have to blink “newsbuddy.in” in my WordPress based webpage, I have to write


and it will start blinking.


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