Yllix Review: what High CPC Ads Network!
Yllix media Review

Yllix Review: what High CPC Ads Network!

Are you a new Webmaster, wants to be plenty of money from your website and didn’t get approval from Adsense. So, We are here with An ads Network Popularly Known as Yllix or Yllix media. We are Going to discuss Yllix media through the Yllix Media review.

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Introduction to Yllix:

It was introduced in 2012, being a moderate ads Network, it offers high earnings. During our review, we find Yllix offers CPC, CPM and CPA ads to WEBMASTER for monetization of their content.

Requirements: No Major Requirements

During Yllix or Yllix Media Review, we have found these terms are the basic requirements of this ads Network. Let’s start Discussion on the Yllix Media requirements:

  1. There is no need for minimum traffic Requirements to participate in the Network.
  2. Yllix also approves all adult and gambling niches. As long as it’s lawful, Yllix approves blogs. It is not approved of illegal blogs like drugs or Guns dealings.
  3. The editor must tell Yllix that its blog is a blog for adults or mainstream Websites. It would not like to cross their limitations if you place an adult in a non-adult blog.

Yllix Media CPC/CPM:

When We talk about yllix cpc and cpm During Yllix Review, We find Yllix is a low cpc/Cpm/CPA ads network for tier 2 and tier 3 country, If we talk about tier 1 country the CPC or Cpm is too high.

For Tier 1 CPM ranges between .01$ to .05$ for impression while if we talk about Tier 2 and tier 3 country the Cpm ranges between .0001$ to .008$. The yllix CPC is too low.

Yllix Review: Alternative

During review, we find yllix is a good Ads Network with too many alternatives. Some of the alternatives are Listed below:

  • Wordads: If you are using WordPress, then it is a good alternative to Adnow.
  • Adsense: A Advertising Network Popularly Known as Adsense is a good alternative of adnow.
  • Speedyads: Speedyads is an ads network by the entireweb.
  • Exoclick: A ads Network precisely an ads network for the adult ads only.
  • Adnow: Adnow is a Renowned Ads Network having a reach of more than 50% of Internet Websites.
  • Adxxx: Adxxx is a Great Ads Network Made only for Adult Websites based on Singapore.

Yllix Media Payment Proof:

During our yllix media review, we find yllix media is a legit ads network.

Yllix Review, Payment Proof
Yllix Payment Proof