Wordads Review: Ads Network for Tier 1 Countries
Wordads Review

Wordads Review: Ads Network for Tier 1 Countries

Wordads is offical ads network by the marvelous Automatic Inc. (The people behind the wordpress.com). I usually say wordads is a ads Network for tier 1 traffic it is because of wordads has very little number of Ads into tier 2 and tier 3. I hope We will answer all questions related to wordads in this Article wordads Review.

Wordads Review: Introduction to A SSP ads Network

During our Wordads review, we find wordads works through most powerful ads Network works through most powerful cloud based solution widely known as JETPACK. Through Jetpack cloud base solution Wordads has served approx 9 billion impression and it reaches approx 1.2 billion people everyday.

WEBMASTER can enable Ads on their website through JetPack solution. For getting connected to JetPack webmaster must own the Premium Feature’s of JetPack.

Wordads Review: How to get Approved

Each publisher must qualify for WordAds Requirements, provided that all meet each criteria for eligibility terms. A WordPress user ought to be the most important aspect of WordAds. The Terms and Conditions of WordAds are set out below.

● A customer domain must be the principal domain of the website. WordAds can not be entitled to free WordPress.com that is default [ example].wordpress.com URL.

● A Jetpack is purchased and installed by the self – hosted WordPress.org users Or Premium service at WordPress.com

● To participate in Automattic WordAds you must be at least 18 years of age.

● The website must be high in traffic generation and maintenance. To be approved for WordAds, the site must have a minimum of 1000 views each month.

● The website must contain the content of Family Safe or not accepted inadequate content. Before you apply for WordAds, a verified PayPal account is a must.

Adsense/Wordpress: WHICH is Best for your Website

Since Adsense is a Great Ads Network compressing world’s biggest Paid Ads and its said to be a Ads network of highest impression in the world while when we talk about the Wordads, wordads is a Ads Network of in-house Ads for tier 2 and tier 3 countries where as if we talk about it’s tier 1 Countries traffic. Wordads supports a great number of ADS to WEBMASTER in tier 1 Countries.

FAQ: Wordads

What are the CPM offered by wordads?

Wordads CPM/CPC

Wordads offer 1$ to 3$ for every one thousand page view.

What are the Requirements to participate in wordads Program?

There are too many Requirements to participate in wordads Program but if we talk about Requirements single word then We will find we only requires premium version of JETPACK or a website hosted on WordPress.com (Paid Plan).

What will be CPC of Ads offered by Wordads.

Wordads CPM/CPC

Wordads does work on CPC version they only works on CPM version of Website.

What is the effect of SEO on your website while using Wordads?

Wordads offers clean ads. According to 2019 update of Google, they will block every abusive Ads.

What is wordads?

Wordads is a premium Ads solution by Automatic Inc. (WordPress.com/JetPack).