Ubercpm Review: Best Premium Experience
Ubercpm Review, CPC, CPM, REQUIREMENT, ALTERNATIVE, Payment Proof, ubercpm Vs AdSense

Ubercpm Review: Best Premium Experience

Are you a well developed webmaster and wants to be a part of the ads Network that Supports minimum CPM of 1$ and wants to examine every corner of Ubercpm ads Network through ubercpm Review. In this Review, We try to discuss every possible Aspects as like it’s CPC, CPM, REQUIREMENT, ALTERNATIVE, Payment Proof, ubercpm Vs AdSense and many more.

Ubercpm Review: Introduction

It is a CPM based premium Ads Network originate from mainland of Canada. They claims that they serves 80% revenue to the Publisher. If you have Alexa rank of 100k, you can join this ads Network.

Ubercpm CPM:

According to it, they offers a minimum CPM of 1$ to every Publisher.

UBERCPM Requirement: Too Many Major Requirement

During Ubercpm Review, we find too many Requirement. These requirements are obivous, since, it is a premium ads Network. Some of Requirements of Ubercpm are Listed below:

  • Alexa rank must be less than 100k.
  • They don’t accept Free hosting as well as domain.
  • They requires high TDL domains.
  • The website Doesn’t contain any exotic content.
  • They only need a website hosted by you.

Ubercpm Alternative:

There are too many alternetive’s of Ubercpm. Some of these are listed below for main stream Website:

  • Wordads: If you are using WordPress, then it is a good alternetive of Ubercpm.
  • Adsense: A Advertising Ubercpm Popularly Known as Adsense is a good alternetive of Ubercpm.
  • Speedyads: Speedyads is a ads network by entireweb. Its CPC is approx equivalent to the Ubercpm while comparatively low CTR than Ubercpm ads Network.
  • Adgebra: India’s Multilingual Ads Networks that mainly focus on Diverse population of INDIAN subcontinent.

Ubercpm: PAYMENT Proof

During Ubercpm Review, we find Ubercpm is a Legit ads network. The payment Proof has been listed below:

UberCpm Payment proof
UberCpm Payment proof

UbercPM Vs AdSense:

When we talk about the Comprision between Ubercpm and AdSense, we find that the overall CPM of both ads Network are almost equal. They approximately server ads on CPM of 1$.

feature’s of Ubercpm:

During Ubercpm Review, We find following specific feature of ubercpm:

  • Network Type: CPM
  • Ad Formats: Banner Ads
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer
  • Referral Program: 10% referral commission


During Review, we find Ubercpm offers offer 160X600, 300X250, 300X600, 320X50, 728X90 and 120X600.

Payment Method: Ubercpm

UberCpm are a publicity network. Payment conditions are Net 30 and PayPal or the wire transfers are the options.

User Interface:

User interface of UBERCPM is very simple, here, We have a look, let’s see that:

UberCpm's Users Interface
User’s Interface

During Interface Review, we find UberCpm is easy to use, In the Interface of UberCpm that is Ads code section, New Ads section, Wallet, Export, Profile and Support. Interface also contains Ads as well as switch to Advertiser or Publisher sections.