Paypal has Halted Support In India, Are you affected?

Paypal has halted or suspended its support in India for Domestic Transaction. All of the PayPal users are getting email illustrating the suspension of domestic Transactions in India. Any one of us cannot able to Send Money from India to India in rupees. While the user can send the money in dollars in India to India or India To International.

Paypal India Suspended Trnsaction

Now onward, Paypal will only focus on the International Transaction In India. A very big question appears to everyone’s mind “Why PayPal is leaving a market of more than 1 trillion transactions?”. The very simple answer to this question is “PayPal is facing a high setback in the process of acquiring a good chunk of the market in India.”


International as well as Indian companies has acquired a very big chunk in the market. These companies done every thing to not loose its marketshare.


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