Best Laptop For Civil Engineering Students

In this time of PCs, laptops are desirable over work areas, since they are minimized and generally convenient.


It is safe to say that you are looking for the best laptops for civil engineering students? Is it true that you don’t know which laptop can oblige the hefty programming?


If you are a civil engineering student and looking for a reasonable, quick and strong laptop during your studies, then this data will assist you in such a manner . You are here means you are going to buy the best laptop for civil engineering students. Here we discuss the Best laptop for civil engineering students

For civil engineering students having a laptop is not a luxury but a necessity. Understand that civil engineering students require laptops that can consistently supplement a few heavy software used in management and analysis, designing and modeling, thus significantly more. 


Unlike most fields of study, including medicine and business, civil engineering requires laptops with specific configurations. This article will help you in finding the best laptops for civil engineering students. 

The Top Highly Recommended Best Laptops For Civil Engineering Students:


Today, I will share some of the absolute best laptops a civil engineer would require that can help while doing any of their projects. 

Following are the best laptops for civil engineering students.


System Specification For Laptop For Civil Engineering Student:

So you are presumably mindful there are not many civil engineering software, to run that product with slack free knowledge there is a table among least and most extreme (suggested) necessities, so you can see all the more better.

Minimum specification

  • CPU: Core i5 (with 1000+ Benchmarks)
  • GPU: Integrated Graphic UnitV
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: 126GB
  • CPU: Core i7 (with 7000+ Benchmarks)
  • GPU: Dedicated Graphic Unit
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Storage: 512GB or Hybrid Storage (depends)

Lenovo Flex 14-Convertible Laptop For Civil Engineer

  • With a 1920 x 1080 full HD touch screen display and the powerful and efficient AMD Ryzen 5 3500U mobile processor, you can work, stream, and game for hours, along with Radeon Vega 8 for fast video and…
  • Comprehensive, built-in, ongoing protection with Windows 10 helps protect you against viruses, malware, and ransomware
  • Convenient true block privacy shutter allows you to physically close your PC’s webcam whenever you’re not using it
  • With the included active pen, you can draw or take notes directly on the screen, anywhere you go
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life with recharge technology to power your laptop computer up to 80% in just one hour
  • So first Laptop in this list of Best laptops for civil engineering students is Lenovo Flex 14 can be a fantastic decision to consider. Despite the fact that this Convertible laptop does exclude segment beats or any discrete designs, yet, it has got everything in the event that you are seeking  for day by day assignments at a reasonable rate. In the event that you are searching for a modest laptop that can run programming identified with civil engineering can be a decent decision.  



The laptop has got modern and advanced components into a slim and lightweight body which is only 4 pounds at a very reasonable price. That is the main selling point of a Flex 14. If you are civil engineering student or just simply looking for a cheap and advanced laptop to carry out your daily work, you cannot find a better option than this.

The vast majority of laptops in the market engineered with plastic however it does not feel modest. However, it is solid for a plastic form and I need to recommend Lenovo for giving great material on this machine.


Also, with AMD Radeon Vega 8 it can run any software effectively, and keyboard is illuminated, which is good for the darker environment, the sound system which is used in this laptop is made by Dolby so you can imagine the sound quality. The touchpad is wide and delicate to touch and after all, it has a small looking WebCam which can give you a pleasant and good quality. Also highlighted with a unique fingerprint unlock system.

Discussing the design of the laptop, the device does not disappoint us around there. The laptop has as generally plastic yet does not feel modest by any stretch of the imagination. The top is coated with a rubberized kind of coating which is very smooth looking with its negligible marking. At this price, this Lenovo Flex 14 has got more classy and premium design. It is an attractive design and its screen lid is supported with dual foldable hinges with the frame. The hinges enable the display to rotate 360 degrees without any issue and it feels quite reliable.


Lenovo Flex comes with a 14-inch touch screen display which is the best feature for this kind of laptop and also has a Stylus Pen to draw any design and plus point is it can give you 10 hours of using. It performs extremely fast and it can live up to your expectations. Don’t expect it to play hardcore games because this laptop is not for gaming. It has been created for students to use it on the go.

CPU Benchmarks


For a decent exhibition, you are getting a mixture of 12GB DDR4 RAM and AMD Ryzen 5 3500U (2.1GHz) Processor with 256 GB SSD. ‘m not going to suggest this Laptop in the event that you will play out some hefty undertakings or performing multiple tasks. Lenovo Flex 14 turns out impeccably for any light web riding light weight applications. However, for the common understudy, it will going to be a decent decision.


  • Touchscreen display
  • Lighter in weight
  • Good battery time
  • Reasonable price
  • Upgradable RAM and storage


  • USB C Charging is not supported
  • Low processor
  • Not for heavy tasking


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