Zeropark Review: Learn With My Experience

Are you a new content developer or blogger? If yes, this is one of the best Adsense alternative for as it is a CPM based DSP ads Network. In this article, We will discuss every cons and Pro, we find during Zeropark Review (CPM, REQUIREMENT’S, Alternative and many more).


Zeropark is a EUROPE based Publicity ads network for CPM based ads Network. It offers Push as well as pops Ads, Popads, Banner ads and Many more on the basis of CPC AND CPM with around the world presence.


During Zeropark Review, we find too many Requirement. These requirements are obivous, since, it is a one of the high paying ads Network. Some of Requirements of Zeropark are Listed below:

  • Alexa rank must be less than 100k.(Good Choice)
  • They don’t accept Free hosting as well as domain. (We recommend Cloudways for your hosting as its server use to back by Digitalocean, Linode, vultr, AWS and GCP.)
  • They require high TDL domains/ Free subdomain not allowed.
  • The website Doesn’t contain any exotic content.
  • They only need a website hosted by you.

Zeropark: CPM

The CPM paid by Zeropark ranges between .04-.03$ which is comparatively very low in respective of Adsense ads Network. You can use Bidgear ads as a good alternative of Zeropark Network.


There are too many alternetive’s of Zeropark. Some of these are listed below for main stream Website:

  • Wordads: If you are using WordPress, then it is a best alternative to Zeropark.
  • Adsense: A Advertising ad network Popularly Known as Adsense is a good alternative to Zeropark.
  • Speedyads: Speedyads is a ads network by entireweb. Its CPC is greater than the Zeropark while comparatively high CTR than Zeropark Network.
  • Adgebra: India’s Multilingual Ads Networks that mainly focus on the Diverse population of the INDIAN subcontinent.
  • Bidgear: Bidgear is a Vietnam-based based ads network that supports CPC as well as CPM ads and serves more than 5 trillion Impression per month. Now a day, it has been used by 3000+ Publisher Worldwide and offers BANNER as well as Native ads.
  • Studads: Studads is a co-textual ads Network based in the US that monetizes through CPC as well as CPM ads. Publisher get paid for each and every valid click transferred to studads ad Network.
  • Eonads: Eonads is a US-based Ads Network, works on CPC and CPA based revenue model. They use to review Website before approving them.


we are Working with Zeropark to get the payment proof. When we get paid from Zeropark, we will post here.

Zero park Review: Way Forward

Zero Park is a good ad network but it has very low paying ads. If You have approved with adsense then it is perfect soluti0n for you.

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