Wordads Review: Most Powerful AI Based Meditation Network

Hey Guys, today in this post we are going to discuss each and every possible aspects of wordads, a CPC, CPM, CPA based mediation ads Network. So, let’s start wordads Review.

What is wordads?

Wordads is a SSP based meditation ads network backed by most Powerful person’s of WordPress community the automatic corporation. It started its business in 2013. Firstly it started as a monetization offered only to wordpress.com but later on in 2015-16 it started working for whole WordPress community as a Integral Part of jetpack community.

How Wordads Works?

Since, wordads is a SSP based ads network. It is a combination of more than 50+ ads network. In the server side of Wordads, AdSense, Rubicon, AOI, APP Nexon, Adroll and many more ads network.

Wordads Review: How to get Approved

In this section, we will discuss every possible method to get approved in this ads network. Let’s start the discussion on approval method:

Every content creator, must obey the following terms and Conditions to get approved in the wordads ads Network. The terms and conditions are:-

  1. A Jetpack is purchased and installed by the self – hosted WordPress.org users Or Premium service at WordPress.com
  2. A customer domain must be the principal domain of the website. WordAds can not be entitled to free WordPress.com that is default [ example].wordpress.com URL.
  3. To participate in Automattic WordAds you must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. The website must be high in traffic generation and maintenance. To be approved for WordAds, the site must have a minimum of 1000 views each month.
  5. The website must contain the content of Family Safe or not accepted inadequate content. Before you apply for WordAds, a verified PayPal account is a must.
  6. Webmaster must buy Jetpack premium Plans.

Wordads Review: CPM, CPC, CPA Rates

CPC offered by Wordads:

If we talk about the CPC of Wordads, wordads offers approx .01$ for every click for India (Tier 2) countries. While it pays approx .02-.05$ for tier 1 country and .001$ to .01$ for tier 3 countries

CPM offered by Wordads:

The CPM of Wordads for tier 1 country is approx 5-7$, 2-3$ for tier 2 countries and 1-2$ for tier 3 countries.

CPA offered by Wordads:

If we checks CPA ads of Wordads, through Wordads automatic corporation offers the product of its own or its affiliates. They mainly offers JETPACK, WordPress.com. Thus, give a potential to earn upto 300$ for every deal done through your website.

How to integrate it with WordPress:

There are mainly two way to integrate Wordads with wordpress. One method is for wordpress.com and other for self hosted wordpress. Let’s start one by one:

Integration of Wordads with WordPress.com:

When you buy a Hosting in WordPress.com primarily business and e-commerce plans. Automatically, Wordads will be get approved and you can find it in Earn tab of menu bar.

Integration of Wordads with Self-hosted wordpress:

To integrate your WordPress website with Wordads. You have to follow these two steps, namely:

  • Buy Premium Jetpack
  • Install Adcontrol Plugin

Thus, Wordads in your website is active and you can control Wordads through Adcontrol Plugin.

Wordads Review: Vertical Supported

If we talk about vertical Supported by Wordads. Then, we will find Wordads only supports Rectangular shaped Boxes only. On an average 40% of webspace of the webpage shown by ads.

Wordads V/S AdSense: Comprision

Comparing these two big ads Gaint Wordads and AdSense is one of greatest foolishness. Let’s compare this ads network through the table given below:

CPAUpto 10$UPTO 300$
Ads visibility92%95%

Wordads Vs Adsense: Conclusion

If we want to conclude the comparison of both ads network. We find both ads network is Good and the rate of ads of AdSense is high in respect of wordads but there is a twist. If you integrate Wordads in place of AdSense, the payment you get is 30-40% high in respect of wordads. This high payment is because of CTR you get from Wordads. The CTR in AdSense is in the range of 1-3% while CTR in Wordads is in the range of 3-5%. One more thing is ads visibility. The ads visibility of AdSense is 92% while 95% in Wordads.

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