Does Speedyads is usefull for WEBMASTER? [Review]

We have done the Wordads Review in Past in this Ads Network Review Series. We are here to review Speedyads. Through speedyads Review, we will discuss IT’S cpc, Cpm, Requirements and alternetive’s and how it is a good Google ads i.e adsense alternative.

Speedyads Review: Introduction

Speedyads is a pay per Click Ads network, Incentive of Eniterweb. Entireweb is a Meta based Search Engine that runs this Ads Network for in-house Ads. WEBMASTER can serve these ads onto their text Ads on their websites or blog to make money online.

Speedyads CPC:

Speedyads CPM as well it’s CPC is well competitive to the renowned Ads Network Adsense. The CPC and CPM directly relate to the Maximum CTR and revenue. A Good website assuring you a Great CPC and CPM. Speedyads can provide you CPC of approx .2-.5$ for tier 3 traffic, .4-.7$ for tier 2 traffic and .6$ to .12$ for tier 1 traffic which makes it highly competitive to Google AdSense.

If we talk about It’s CPM, we find that they normally deliver us a .8$ to 2$ (worldwide) for every one thousand page view which makes it a good alternative to Google Adsense.


There are nothing crucial terms and conditions to be a part of a speedy ads Network. Some the Non-critical terms are written below:

  • They don’t accept Free hosting as well as domain. (We recommend cloudways for best managed wordpress hosting.)
  • They requires high TDL domains.
  • The website Doesn’t contain any exotic content.

Speedyads Payment Proof:

Speedy Ads Payment Proof

This is entireweb speedyads displaying ads on ads space to earn money online for long time. They serve 80% of Ads revenue to publishers while they hold 20% of revenue with them.

Speedyads Alternative:

There are too many alternetive’s to Speedyads. Some of these are listed below:

  • Wordads: If you are using WordPress, then it is a good alternetive of Speedyads.
  • Adsense: A Advertising Network Popularly Known as Adsense is a good alternetive of adsense.
  • Adslop: Adslop is a Publicity ads network for WEBMASTER (Advertisers and Publisher). I must say adslop is a complete solution for publishers as well as Advertisers. For Publisher, adslop offers Banner as well as Pop-ads which is the best Feature’s of any Ads Network as WEBMASTER can monetize each and every type of Website they have.
  • Propellerads: Propellerads is a Cyprus based ads Network founded in 2011. Now a day, it serves more than 2.5B+ Impression on a daily basis while it has a reach to more than 40% of Internet User’s around the world which makes it top one of the biggest ads networks around the world. However, it’s popunder and push-notification ads are mainly for movies or song downloading website while it’s native ads are only for the normal blog or websites. (Here is a detailed review of propellerads with best alternative.)
  • Kadam: Kadam Ads is a CPC and CPM based self-serving ad network. During Kadam Ads Review, we find it only offers three ad format i.e Native ads, push Notification and In-page Ads.

What is Entierweb?

Entierweb is a Search Engine and a Tech Gaint as like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Many More. Entireweb uses to claim that they serves more than 160B+ search a month. You can add your Website in their directory by Spending 20$.

What is the CPC offered by Speedyads?

Speedyads offers approx .2-.5$ for tier 3 traffic, .4-.7$ for tier 2 traffic and .6$ to .12$ for tier 1 traffic.

What are the CPM offered by Speedyads?

Speedyads normally delivers us a .8$ to 2$ (worldwide) for every one thousand page view

What are the Requirements of Speedyads?

They don’t accept Free hosting as well as domain.They requires high TDL domains.The website Doesn’t contain any exotic content.

What are Speedyads revenue sharing Terms?

Speedyads serves approx 80% to publishers while they holds 20% with them.

Does Speedyads is a Legit or Fraud ads network?

Speedyads is a leading and Legit ads Network that pays on time with high CTR rates.

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