Easywp Review: Low-Cost, Low-Latency Hosting Service

Do you want to host either a new or do you want to migrate the existing website in the easywp?


If yes, then, you are in the right place in this world as in this article, we are going to review EasyWP.


In this EasyWP review, we will touch on many aspects like what is easywp? features of EasyWP, Migration from existing hosting to easywp, Pricing, Alternatives, and many more. Let’s start the detailed reviews of easywp:

What is EasyWP?

Easywp is a Managed WordPress Hosting Solution backed by Namecheap’s Cloud server located in the United States. According to Easywp, Easywp has a latency is almost .7s which is totally wrong as it offers TTFB around 0.7s which is pretty high.


The Servers of NameCheap easywp is the same as of Shared Hosting Solution. The main difference between both shared NameCheap and Namecheap easywp is in the Easywp the application has dedicated resources while shared does not have.

Pricing: EasyWP Review

easywp pricing

EasyWp uses to offer three types of plans to webmasters. These three plans are listed below:

  • Starter Plan: Starter plan is a most basic plan of the EasyWP. The price of this plan is about $30 per month. Under this plan webmaster can managed 50k visitors per month with the 10gb SSD.
  • Turbo: Turbo Plan is a moderate plan of the EasyWP. Under this plan, WEbmaster use to get 50GB SSD, 200k visitors per month with free SSL and CDN.
  • Supersonic: This is the ultimate plan of the EasyWP. Under this plan, webmaster will get 100gb of Storage, 500k Visitors limit, 99.99% uptime Guranteed with free CDN and SSL.

Resource: EasyWP Reviews

easywp review resource

If we talk about RAM and CPU cores we get from Namecheap’s easywp plans. Plan of the EasyWP use to starts from .5 core CPU and 512 RAM and goes up to 1.125 Core and 1152 RAM for the supersonic plan.


There are lots of features are being offered by the EasyWP. These features are listed below:

  • WordPress installed in under 90 seconds
  • Hosted on Namecheap Cloud
  • Scale elastically as visitors grow
  • Highly available with uptime guarantee
  • 3x faster than traditional web hosting
  • Use any domain name
  • Ready To Go Managed WordPress
  • Easy to use dashboard to manage WP sites
  • Fastest out of all WordPress Hosts
  • Highly secure and tuned out of box
  • Easy backup and restore tool
  • SFTP, Database Access, SSL & More

is EasyWP easy to use?

In this section of EasyWP Review, we will try to learn “How easyWP is easy to use for the non-techy websites?” Let’s start the detailed discussion:

How to install managed EasyWP website?

After the successful signup to the EasyWP, you need to make payment to the platform according to your plan. After successful payment, your managed WordPress will install within 90 seconds. Thus, you are ready to go.


How UI of EasyWP looks?

easywp dasboard

Webmasters can easily manage Domain, SSL Certificates, Backups, File and Database with the integration with buttons.

Pros and Cons:

There are too many pros and cons of the EasyWP. Some of these Pros and Cons are listed below:



  • Easy To Use
  • Fast Server
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL on select plan


  • Backups are stored in your own server
  • They offer 50gb free CDN only
  • EasyWP offers limited Inode count
  • You can only install 1 application in server.

How Fast is EasyWP?

ttfb easywp

The EasyWP is a pretty fast managed WordPress platform. However, its TTFB is pretty low as it offers 750-1000ms. if we compare the TTFB of EASYWP with another hosting solution, then, we will find it is very low TTFB as Cloudways offer 28ms, Siteground offers 45ms and many others.

Pros and Cons: Easywp Review

During our Detailed review of Easywp, we find the following pros and cons:




  • You can’t install cache plugin
  • Highly Contained Hosting Solution

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