Clickadilla Review: Optimize Your website’s Revenue

Hey guys, In this article, we are going to review the Clickadilla affiliate network. In this Clickadilla Review, we are going to touch every possible aspect as like “what is Clickadilla?, its CPC, CPM, Requirements, alternative and many more. Let’s continue the Clickadilla review in detail:

What is Clickadilla?

During Clickadilla review, Clickadilla is a Gorega based ads network that serves approx 2 billion ads impression on daily basis. Clickadilla mostly serves Push Notification of their total traffic.

Ads Vertical or Formats Supported By Clickadilla:

During Our Clickadilla review, we find Clickadilla supports approx every ads format available till now. These ads format are listed below:

Web Push: Ads format for which Clickadilla is Popular

Clickadilla serves approx 65 million subscribers. This makes Clickadilla biggest Push notification impression provider. Also, there is a big problem with the Clickadilla web Push as it can serves Adult and Mainstream content with the mainstream thumbnail. It serves approx 16 billion impression.

Popunder: Unbiased from Google restrictions

Clickadilla’s Popunder follows all rules and restrictions imposed by Google on abusive ads. Clickadilla serves approx 250 million impression.

In-stream: Direct Link and In-Vast Video

Clickadilla offers video monetization via Direct Link and IN-VAST monetization. It offers 100 million impressions.

Banner: Most Popular advertising solution

The banner ads is most popular advertising solution in the world of the internet. Banner serves approx 50% of the total internet. Total Ads served by Banner on Clickadilla is 16 billion impressions.

Native ads: A Bunch of Native Ads

The Native Ads is for CTR, it has highest CTR in the internet. Native Ads are the bunch of Banner ads. It serves 150 million impression. Types of Native Ads listed below:

  • NTV-A,B,C
  • In-video
  • Desktop Underplayer
  • Mobile header

Navigation Bar Link: Upcoming Trend

Navigation Bar Link is the upcoming trends for monetization in this world. It serves approx 500 million impression.

Clickadilla Advertisers Payment Threshold:-

Advertisers of Clickadilla have to pay respective amount to get fund their advertising accounts. These are as follow:-

  • Paxum – $50
  • Bitcoin – $50
  • Wire Transfer – $500
  • CreditCard – $300
  • Webmoney – $50
  • ePayments – $200
  • Paypal – $300

ClickAdilla’s Targeting for Advertise:

The targeting can be done on following basis. These basis are follow:

  • Geo-Based
  • OS-Based
  • Browser based
  • Carrier/Wi-Fi based
  • IP Range
  • Categories
  • Device Type/Vendors
  • Language targeting

Clickadilla Requirements:

During my Clickadilla review, we must say Clickadilla has no requirement to get approved or unapproved for publisher as well as Advertisers.

Clickadilla payment proof:

we are working now Clickadilla and we will update it here when we get paid from Clickadilla.

Snapshot Clickadilla Interface:

Best Alternative to Clickadilla:

In this section, we will try to conclude the best alternative of the Clickadilla ad network that we found during the Clickadilla review. These alternative are listed below:

  • Smartadv: Smartadv is an International ads network serves more than 140 countries worldwide and one of the best growing ads Network in the world. It is also a ads Network that used Machine Placement for Ads Placement in the ads networks. The CPA affiliate ads are highly tested ads.
  • Mybestclick: Mybestclick is a company of talented like-minded people, who are in love with stunning ads, quality traffic and multi-aspect visual analytics. They have strong experience in the online advertising industry and take pride in our innovative advertising and affiliate marketing. Mybestclick can provide the most intelligent solutions for buying and selling verified video, search and display. Mobile advertising across devices is also the easiest.
  • Adslop: Adslop is a Publicity ads network for WEBMASTER (Advertisers and Publisher). I must say adslop is a complete solution for Publisher as well as Advertisers. For Publisher, adslop offers Banner as well as Pop-ads which is the best Feature’s of any Ads Network as WEBMASTER can monetize each and every type of Websites they have.
  • Inxyads: Inxyads is a CPM based ad network having more than 5,000 publishers on its board having headquarters in Cyprus while founded in 2015. They use to offer mainly direct supply Banner ads to their publisher. the most popular ad sizes offered by Inxyads include 300×250, 728×90, 300×50 while floating and some unique ad formats.
  • Adtrafico: Adtrafico is a CPA based affiliate marketing marketplace where the advertiser uses the platform to get the sales while the publisher gets the links of affiliate products to promote. 

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