Review: Power Your Instagram and Tiktok with AI

Hey guys, in this review we will explore every possible feature of which is an AI-based Instagram and TIktok optimization tool. In this review, we will try to explore what is how it can improve your Instagram marketing? How you can get a lot of Organic Brand Value from Instagram and TikTok. Let’s start the Analisa review:

What is or Simply Analisa? is the world’s first real-time AI-powered INSTAGRAM and TIKTOK’s search optimization tool established in 2017 by Ana Lisa. Through Analisa you can get the look of Instagram or Tiktok Profile, whole follower database of Instagram and Hashtag data of Instagram as well as Tiktok. You can even spy your competitor to get knowledge of what has worked for you and your competitor in past.

How it can improve your Instagram marketing?

Today, there is a lot of Userbases belongs to almost every type of Ethnicity, GEOs and Mindset. This vast userbase can help you a lot to expand your business X times. It is helpful for you as it is must to have Instagram and TikTok optimization for every businesses of every type and size.

You can enter any in the Instagram @Profile or #Hashtag to analyze real-time optimal posting schedule and content report, competitors’ social strategy, audience demographics, influencer campaigns, a bunch of user-generated content, geo trend heatmaps and many more.

Here’s a example of Instagram optimization through

Profile Overview through

In this section, we are going to review in the benchmark of Profile overview. Lets starts the’s profile overview:

To test analisa, we have reviewed our Instagram profile with it to get the benchmark. we get Engagement rate equals to 5.48%, Like rate 5.36% and comment rate is .12% whereas we get a look of live followers and following through the tool.


we also get average engagement in the form of Maps. Here’s a example of that average Ingagement of Instagram

In the Bottomline of the Domain Overview, we get a look onto the most used caption word and most used Hashtag of that Profile.

Most used Hashtag caption through

Hashtag Analytics in

In the, all users will get basic analytics for free while advanced analytics for paid users of any Hashtag available around both platforms (Instagram and TikTok). You will get a look of social analytic data like top follower reach, enagement, Total post, Identify potential Influencer, Top Post and overall data of that hashtag (#).

You will get almost same data from the Tiktok. That’s all the fact we will get during review.

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